Review in May 2008 edition of Jewellery History Today
by Nigel Israel GA, DGA, Chairman of The Society of Jewellery Historians

"This book gives a really excellent overview of the period"

"It is magnificently and profusely illustrated throughout with colour pictures of a stunning variety of choice pieces"

"This is a very desirable book which will be both enjoyable and useful to anyone, from the beginner to the specialist with an interest in Jewellery"

"At what seems a most reasonable price, considering it's lavish production, it can be unreservedly recommended"


Review in Jewellery Resources by Judy M. Cohen, American Society of Jewellery Historians

"Finally, a book on Georgian jewelry! Georgian Jewellery 1714-1830 is an exciting new addition to the ever-growing world of books on jewelry. It fills a large gap in the study of jewelry history. Previous to this publication, there has been little available on the study of the Georgian period and there has certainly been no book published before this that shows so many beautifully photographed pieces. Interesting and important to note is that most of the pieces shown have been on the market in recent years and are not necessarily museum pieces. Therefore, this book will be invaluable to collectors and dealers as well as scholars."

"The book is presented in a fascinating and useful manner, suggesting the concept of darkness into light, much like the era itself."

"The concept of more freedom for women is suggested, opening up their ability and desire to adorn themselves. Day wear to evening wear is shown, presenting the jewelry of the Georgian era from the viewpoint of fashion, with wonderful portraits illustrated and anecdotes of the period."

"Written and presented in what the publishers refer to as an “accessible” manner, this is a well researched and important new work."


Review by Lori Ettlinger Gross, Jewelry Historian New York Times. 28th September 2007

"For those of you who love Georgian jewelry, a period of style that began during the early eighteenth century and ended in the early nineteenth when Queen Victoria took the throne in 1837, this is an absolute must have for your library."

"The book's authors, Ginny Redington Dawes and Olivia Collings, have done a spectacular job. There has never been a book written about this incredible period when adornment was crafted by hand and diamonds glittered in candle light. Georgian jewelry has a romantic quality that just can not be replaced and this wonderful book will satisfy anyone’s curiosity about it."

"You will be completely enthralled."


The LADY ASTOR of HEVER. Book Review, 14th January 2008.

"Rush out and buy this book now ! "

"Olivia Collings and Ginny Redington Dawes have produced a book which is ravishing to look at, well written and extremely informative. "

"I bought fifteen copies to give to friends and family as Christmas presents."

"Georgian originals are there to see in all their beauty."

"I urge anyone with the slightest interest in jewellery to buy as many copies as they can of this complete joy and delight."

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